Hotels in Wake Forest NC

Top 3 Hotels in Wake Forest NC

The Great Downtown of Wake Forest, NC

#1 Hotel Based on Reviews

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Raleigh Wake Forest

Based on over 138 reviews this gorgeous Fairfield Inn & Suites ranks on top of the mountain for the best stay in Wake Forest, NC.

The people have spoken! When you search “hotels in Wake Forest NC” you will find it is the first ranked hotel on Google Business Profile. The average rating gives it a luxurious 4.2 stars. Plenty of 5 star reviews rule the roost give this great overnight stay a good and safe place to stay.

Overall, the Fairview Inn boasts an in ground pool and an amazing style of modern day decor with a “homelike” feeling.

If you would like to take a look at the best hotel in Wake Forest NC check the link below.

#2 Hotels in Wake Forest NC (Based on Price)

Clarion Pointe Wake Forest – Raleigh North

With a super fair price ranging in at just above $80, this Wake Forest NC hotel will not break the bank. Coming with the luxury of having an indoor pool it’s still plenty nice enough to make you feel like you’re making an escape.

The Clarion Pointe is still plenty nice enough to challenge you to stay the night, I would almost even say there’s no risk involved. It’s pretty safe to say you would have a great night’s stay here.

Enjoy some time away at the Clarion Pointe in Wake Forest!

#3 Best Hotel in Wake Forest (All-around Award)

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Raleigh North – Wake Forest, an IHG Hotel

I mean come on… It’s hard to beat the Holiday Inn. A super large hotel involved with tons of loyalty rewards programs, it’s an amazing place to stay.

Holiday Inn always has a fair breakfast with a nice staff. Just think, if the staff is not nice you can always call the manager. Great thing about Holiday Inn is they will always make it right. If something is off about your stay you can talk to support and they will get you a great compensation opportunity.

Everyone loves a good trip with the Holiday Inn.