Best Hotels in Hopewell VA

Hopewell VA’s river walk, what a gorgeous getaway.

#1 Best Hotel in Hopewell VA

Best Western Plus Hopewell Fort Lee

It’s really hard to beat the Best Western when they offer so many rewards. If you are a frequent traveler they have tons of clubs and travel perks that discount your regular stay so many people have grown to love them.

The one in Best Western Hotel in Hopewell VA seems to be the perfect quaint getaway for any kind of stay. Hopewell VA happens to be a place where you can go relax and get away from the noise. I have been to Virginia myself on a number of occasions and every time I visit I find myself thinking, “This is a peaceful place.”

#2 Best Hotel in Hopewell VA (On Price)

Riverside Inn and Suites Hopewell

Turns out that it’s possible to still get a hotel for under $100. We recommend you check out this cozy stay for around $75. If you are looking to book a hotel in the Hopewell VA area, I think if you aren’t too picky about where you lay your head you could find yourself pleased with an inexpensive stay in the good ole heart land of America.

#3 All-Around Best Hotel in Hopewell VA

Hampton Inn – Hotels in Hopewell VA

It just so happens this time we fell on our decision for the number 3 spot (but best all-around) to the great franchise of the Hampton Inn. With a great decor set up as you walk in the lobby and nice elegant rooms this hotel is correctly priced for a tremendous stay. They staff have good reviews and you can be sure that you’ll be taken care of. Enjoy a stay at the Hampton Inn in Hopewell Virginia!